[German prisons] Thomas Meyer-Falk’s contribution to the 2014 Anti-Prison Days in Vienna

antiknastMany of us are spontaneously and long ago aware of it: prisons are places of ethical, humane, moral and cultural decay. No desire for life, freedom, humaneness is conveyed there, but instead, the guards and any other staff treat the detainees as dead objects; they manage people as cargo in a storehouse.

So prisons are necrophiliac places.

It was only a few weeks ago that one prison inmate – who was kept in solitary confinement for a couple of years, after he broke a guard’s nose with a headbutt in 2012 – was starved to death in Germany. Koala Rosmane was only 33 years old; he came from Burkina Faso, where he had been forcibly recruited as a child soldier. Continue reading

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Solidarity call: About the case of Tamara Sol F.Vergara, imprisoned anarchist combatant (Chile)

tamara-199x300Fire to the banks and those who protect them. Here is a text we were sent about the case of Tamara Sol, also see the letter from her family.

On the 21th January 2014, a young woman dressed in black enters a branch of Banco Estado in Santiago, $hile. She walks up to a security-guard, screams REVENGE, according to eyewitnesses, and shoots several times, leaving him injured on the floor. She then takes his gun and leaves hers. A short time later on the same day, TAMARA SOL is arrested in a police station, where she went to report a stolen bike. She is accused of the assault. In her bag they find a gun, belonging to the guard. From that moment on she refuses to collaborate with the cops, not making any comments or statements on the accusations. She also refused to give her name. Continue reading

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Mexican prisons: The four anarchist comrades end hunger strike

unnamedOn October 17th, 2014, comrades Carlos López, Mario González, Fernando Bárcenas and Abraham Cortés called off their hunger strike that began on October 1st.

The comrades are well, without complications or physical damage. They will soon make the reasons and motives for ending the strike public.For now this is all the information we have.

Freedom for all! Down with the prison walls!

Anarchist Black Cross of Mexico

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Athens: Anarchist prisoner Antonis Stamboulos goes on hunger and thirst strike (Greece)

Solidarity with comrade A.StamboulosMedia Terror-Frenzy: Greek counter-terrorism police arrested Antonis Stamboulos on 1 October on charges of belonging to the Revolutionary Organisation – Revolutionary Struggle (Epanastatikos Agonas: EA). The police said that Stamboulos’s arrest was likely to prevent terrorist attacks, probably planned for 1-4 October, on several targets mentioned in a notebook allegedly in Stamboulos’s possession. The targets are alleged to include Vangelis Marinakis (a shipowner and the chairman of the Olympiakos football team), Theodoros Fessas (the president of the Federation of Hellenic Industries) and his Athens-based IT firm InfoQuest, the premises of the ruling New Democracy (Néa Dimokratía: ND) party, as well as Capital (a Greece-registered ship management company), and German engineering company Siemens. Continue reading

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Update on the health situation of the 4 anarchist comrades on hunger strike (Mexico)

“If you asked me what prison is, I would answer without a doubt that it is a wasteland of defined social-economic plans, where they throw all those individuals that bother them within society: this is why prison mainly houses mainly poor people” Xose Tarrio

“A movement that forgets its hostages is condemned to fail” Harold Tobson

As of October 1st, comrades Mario Gonzalez, Carlos Lopez ‘El Chivo’, Fernando Barcenas and Abraham Cortez, imprisoned in different prisons in Mexico City, are carrying out a hunger strike indefinitely. Continue reading

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“Filaki” – Prison World: Film about the 2007 prison uprising – English subtitles + PDF (Greece)

panopticon1ABC Hurricane uploaded the Filaki – Prison World DVD about 2007 prison riots uprising in Greece.

PDF: Prison World – Filaki zine

Documentary from Greece about the prison society, its role in social control and the ongoing rebellion against it…

The film focuses on the prison uprisings against the political repression and social war against the comrades in Greece as well as the hunger strikes against the Type-F prisons in Turkey which soon spread to engulf many of the prisons in Greece. These prisons are similar to the Type-C prisons in Greece, the FIES in Spain, the CSC in the UK and other punitive isolation torture regimes around the world. Continue reading

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Animal liberationist comrade imprisoned for actions against the fur industry – Richard Klinsmeister (Sweden)

arpsIn June 2014, Richard Klinsmeister received a sentence of one year and nine months, for actions against the fur industry. His comrades, Karl and Ebba were each sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison.

Write letters and postcards of support:

Richard Klinsmeister
Box 22113
501 14 Borås

Solidarity to the imprisoned comrades.

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