Greece: Strength to anarchist Nikos Maziotis, arrested in Athens on 16/7

in-solidarity-with-anarchist-Nikos-Maziotis-1024x768From: Contrainfo

In the evening of July 16th, 2014 comrades put up a solidarity banner at the gate of the Polytechnic School, on Patission Street, in response to the fact that Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis was recaptured by police in central Athens.

Anarchist Nikos Maziotis, who was on the run for two years, was seriously wounded and arrested earlier today after a shootout with cops in Monastiraki. He was then transferred to the tightly-guarded Evangelismos hospital, where he remains hospitalized. According to his lawyer, the comrade’s life is out of danger. Continue reading

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Italy—More Arrests in the Struggle Against the TAV

NO_TAV_logoFrom: actforfreedomnow

This morning (11th July) three anarchist comrades were arrested between Milan and Lecce, and another one was raided.

The three are accused of taking part in the attack on the yard in Chiomonte in the night between 13th and 14th May 2013, the same episode following which Chiara, Mattia, Claudio and Niccolò were jailed in December 2013. Continue reading

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Important clarification about the case of Jock Palfreeman (Bulgaria)

art-353-palfreeman-300x0From: 325

We add a clarification about the case of Jock Palfreeman. The imprisoned comrade has not taken responsibility for the armed wounding /death of the fascists that attacked him and the Roma he was with during the ‘index offence’ for which he is imprisoned. We issue this transmission to clear any possible errors contained in the transmission of the following article, and to take our share of responsibility for this error:
*Jock in self-defense seriously injured two of his attackers, one fatally.*
*During the fight Jock injured one of the fascists and killed another one.*

According to his own statements, Jock Palfreeman took out a knife in self-defense against his aggressors, but he has never admitted stabbing anyone. … Some people who support him usually write descriptions like “Andrey Monov was stabbed and killed and Antoan Zahariev was injured,” or “two of his attackers were injured of whom one died later from his injuries” – not indicating who the stabber was…
Continue reading

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23-30 augustus, 2014 – Internationale week van solidariteit met anarchistische gevangenen – Oproep tot actie en verzet

soli-august-23In de zomer van 2013 hebben leden van verschillende ABC groepen gesproken over de noodzaak van de invoering van een Internationale Dag voor Anarchistische Gevangenen. Aangezien er al data zijn voor de Dag van Rechten voor Politieke Gevangenen of Gevangenis Justitie, vond men het belangrijk om ook de verhalen van onze kameraden specifiek te benadrukken.

Veel gevangen anarchisten zullen nooit worden erkend als ‘politieke gevangenen’ door formele mensenrechten organisaties. Dit omdat hun gevoel van sociale rechtvaardigheid strikt beperkt is tot de kapitalistische wetten die zijn ontworpen om de staat. Daarmee worden deze gevallen nooit in hun context van sociale en politieke strijd geplaatst en wordt (al dan niet indirect) voorkomen dat een echte sociale verandering plaats vindt. Op hetzelfde moment, zelfs binnen onze individuele gemeenschappen, weten we zo weinig over de repressie die bestaat in andere landen. Laat staan dat we de namen en zaken kennen van onze gevangen kameraden. Continue reading

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Moscow Anarchist Black Cross Repressions Review, April-June 2014

4diios5vya0From: ABC-Moscow

We continue our regular summaries on repressions of anarchists, antifascists, and social activists in Russia, on obstacles which police state creates for our activity.

In April-May issue: arrests of “terrorists” in Crimea, new detentions regarding “Bolotnoya Case”, letters from political prisoners, police attack of a gig, and other. If you think, we have missed something in our article, or you know aboutother incidents of repression, please write to

Continue reading

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Kevin & Tyler indicted on federal charges

From: supportkevinandtyler

First, let’s acknowledge the timing of this event: We’re well aware that arresting Tyler Lang on an indictment of federal charges was coordinated to coincide with the annual National Animal Rights Conference and the Fight or Flight Tour fundraiser. It was the FBI’s blatant and clumsy attempt to scare activists, create divisiveness, and deter Tyler and others from the above-ground activism they practice. But word of the incident spread quickly—not only among attendees at the LA conference, but throughout the country’s network of animal advocates—and one thing is resoundingly clear: we’re angry, but we’re not shaken.KevinTyler1-300x300

Last summer, ten fur farms were raided in ten weeks, resulting in more than 10,000 mink, foxes, and even a rare bobcat being freed from certain death at the hands of fur farmers. And since the beginning of the government’s resulting witch Continue reading

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Information about prisoner hunger strike from 18 to 20 July in Germany and Switzerland

92606From: Contrainfo

July 9th, 2014 – Update on prisoner hunger strike in Germany and Switzerland, in solidarity with prisoners in Greece, following this announcement:

Even if the Greek parliament passed the bill on maximum security prisons on the 8th of July, the resistance against the new prison system, and in particular the type C prisons, is not over… These prisons have similarity with the F-type prisons in Turkey or with maximum security prisons in Germany. Following the mass hunger strike in Greek prisons, a statement on international solidarity hunger strike has been sent around in different prisons in Germany, but the communication between/with inmates takes a long time. Continue reading

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