Solidarity with Karl Häggroth, imprisoned animalist comrade (Sweden)

arpsOur comrade Karl was sentenced with Ebba to prison for animal rights activities, send him all the support you can! You can also send him magazines and books! Karl is a strong anti-racist, anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, animal-rights warrior who did what he could to combat the disgusting fur industry in Sweden and other oppressions. Situation is tough for the prisoner so we urge people to send support. Postcards, letters, etc.

Karl Häggroth
Box 3
701 40 Örebro

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Tekenen naar gevangenen bij The Big Draw

thebigdrawabcwebDe gehele binnenruimte van 3e Wal transformeert in een driedimensionaal vel papier; Onder het genot van een drankje en muziek mag alles ondergetekend worden, tot de stoelen aan toe!

Ook kan er via projecties van Jurriaan met laser getekend worden.

Met o.a. een soundperformance van; Oscar Wyers en dansbare beats van: Dj Julia en Dj Buurman & Dj Buurman

Doorlopend van 11 t/m 13 september – Postkantoor van ABC Nijmegen Continue reading

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ABC Hurricane: New group of the Black Cross forms in Week of Solidarity for Anarchist Prisoners (UK)

From ABC Hurricane:

Warm greetings, We are ABC Hurricane, a UK-based Anarchist Black Cross group that supports prisoners in struggle.

abch-header9We have named the group ABC Hurricane in order to be non-location specific and to be accessible to anyone wherever they are in the UK or internationally. We see ourselves as part of the Anarchist Black Cross and part of the Black International of Anarchists of Praxis. Continue reading

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Solidarity Evening for Anarchist Prisoners

IMG_0From: Indymedia

Support night for Political Prisoners, contribution to the Week for Anarchist Prisoners

This night will feature different activities related to Anarchist Prisoners’ support. They will be an Eetcafe from 7pm. Around the same time, Miraho, a hip hop Antifascist Polish singer will sing some of his songs. Check out
The artist Protestango will as well perform during the night: he makes monologues, Rap, Beats, Vocal Effects, Samples that are mixed live with melancholic melodies of Tango Punk. He is a self-managed music-theater and itinerant show. Born from the libertarian need to express injustices and social problems. Check out Continue reading

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Correspondence address for anarchist prisoner Nikos Maziotis (Greece)

Nikos-Maziotis-570From contra-info:

Here is the new address for comrade Nikos Maziotis:

Sending books to inmates is banned in Diavata prison, where Nikos Maziotis is currently incarcerated. So the comrade can only receive letters (at best some news reports too). It is obligatory to indicate a sender address, otherwise letters are not delivered.

To write to the comrade:

Nikos Maziotis
Geniko Katastima Kratisis Thessalonikis
57008 Diavata,

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Update about Gabriel Pombo da Silva (Spain)

gabrielFrom: 325

On Wednesday, August 6, 2014, comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva finally came out of the provisional isolation (which had been set in A Lama on June 17) to be transferred to the prison of Topas (Salamanca). He arrived there on Friday, August 8th and is now in a single cell. Continue reading

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First Interview of Nikos Maziotis after his arrest (Greece)

members-of-revolutionary-struggleVia RHI-SRI:

Here is the first Interview of Nikos Maziotis after his arrest. Published in the Greek newspaper “Efimerida ton Sintaktion”

1. You are a member of Revolutionary Struggle, an armed anarchist organization. Why did you choose armed struggle as a method of action? Continue reading

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