Never Alone: Online Art Exhibit for Marie and Eric

From: neveraloneartwebflyer

Sacramento Prisoner Support have curated an online exhibition of artworks for June 11 – the International Day of Solidarity with Eric McDavid, Marie Mason & Long Term Anarchist Prisoners. The ‘Never Alone’ exhibition will run on this website between June 11-30, 2013.

‘Never Alone’ serves as an avenue not only for fundraising for Marie & Eric, but as a way to reach out creatively and informatively to a broad audience on issues of earth & animal liberation, and state captivity. All funds raised will be split between Marie and Eric’s support funds.

Every few days we will be showcasing a different artist’s work here. Please visit the [Exhibition] page to see all the artworks.

Thanks to the amazing artists who have contributed to this exhibition (click on their name to visit their website) Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, Cristy Road, Josh MacPhee, Eileen McDavid, Jeff Luers, Eva Hall, Corina Dross, Pete Maarseveen, Sofia Yu, Ali Cat Leeds, Matt Guack, Pat Perry, J. Ost, Dee Allen and Yank.

Please support this exhibition by printing out some flyers [for pdf file click here] and sharing them around, particularly if you are hosting a June 11 event!


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