30-11: Soli-dance party for ABC Nijmegen!

30novemberabcsolipartyThis one’s gonna be wild! Anarchist Black Cross Nijmegen needs some cash money so we thought we ask some of the coolest DJ’s we know to play some records, pick a stupid theme (Cops gone wild!),  make shitloads of nice cocktails and vegan donuts and ofcourse invite ya’ll to come and dance!


DJ “_” (90iesTrash, all the way from Berlin)

DJ Fred D’agga (WorldGhettoBeats, the better half from D’agga (Dagga)!)

And no good party without a good theme! So dress up as a cop and go wild! And did you ever want to have your mugshot taken? No problem, the ABC Decoration Team is also going wild on this one. And the ‘Bakken tegen de Bak’-baking collective is present to fill yr empty stomach with vegan donuts and other tasty shit. So join us and go wild against prisons!

Start: 23.00
At: de Onderbroek (2e Walstraat 21, Nijmegen (city center))

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