25-6: ABC evening: Colombia


On Wednesday the 25th of June we organize the first Anarchist Black Cross evening at the Klinker. The first you say? Yes, because from now on the ABC evening will not only be about writing prisoners but we want to make it more alive. So every 4th Wednesday of the month will have a kind of a theme and loads of info, documentaries, food, music, cards and as usual cool people from ABC Nijmegen will be at the bar to answer your questions and get you drinks. Soup will start at 18.30, the ABC evening at 19.30 and we will be open till at least 23.00.

This first evening will be all about Colombia. Someone from ABC Nijmegen will give a small talk about the political and social situation in Colombia and after that we will show you the documentary ‘A Jail in Colombia’ (2007) which gives a look inside La Modelo prison in Bogotá. There will also be (printed) info on anarchism, anarchist prisoners and anarchist groups in Colombia. And we will make some nice vegan empanadas and torta de arequipe to not only fill your stomach but also raise some money for other Anarchist Black Cross groups worldwide. So why stay at home?


The monthly ABC Nijmegen evening takes place at the Klinker (van Broeckhuysenstraat 46 in Nijmegen) and starts at 19.30

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