Ebba-Olausson-1024x1024From: Walter bond

Ebba Olausson is a young Vegan Straight Edge woman that is currently under arrest in Skovde, Sweden, suspected for over twenty different attacks on fur farms and the fur industry as well as liberations of minks.  Ebba has tried to write me but I was not allowed her letter by the prison in which I am currently entombed.  Nor am I able to write to her since I am not allowed to write prisoners.

I request that you, my supporters, in America and abroad, flood Ebba with support mail so that she knows she is loved and we are all concerned for her well being and freedom.  The Vegan Straight Edge kids, Vegan Hardliners and Animal Rights Activists of Sweden have been so supportive of me over the years.  Now I want to support them back.

(Excerpt from a 2012 letter from Ebba)

“I found an interview you did on the internet and read your thoughts about Straight Edge. I’ve been Vegan Straight Edge for five years. You said “You must remain focused, ferocious, positive and resilient!” When I read that I got back the fighting spirit I had in the beginning of Straight Edge! Some Hardline kids from Sweden say hello, keep up the fighting spirit, Much Love -Ebba”

You keep that fighting spirit up as well Ebba and know that even though there are walls, prison bars and an ocean that separate us, you are my Vegan sister and you are in my heart, always. Animal Liberation, Whatever It May Take!

Please write to Ebba at:

Ebba Olausson
Box 194


Walter Bond

Ebba Olausson’s facebook support page is https://www.facebook.com/supportebba

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