Update on anarchist comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva (Spain)

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On 13th June 13 2012, among the many police operations against anarchists, the Italian government launched a repressive attack called ‘Operation Ardire’ on a dozen comrades. There were 40 raids, 24 people under investigation and 8 comrades sent to jail. In this case they tried to give a wider form to the operation, by accusing comrades imprisoned in different European countries such as Greece, Switzerland and Germany.

As usual, the State showed its authoritarian face against its sworn enemies, and fabricated roles of leaders, agents and organizers within yet another ‘terrorist association’, when in fact there were affinities, letter exchanges with prisoners, struggles and claims.

So it happened that Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Marco Camenisch, imprisoned for many years, ended up in this investigation following an international hunger strike carried out in December 2009; they were named as ‘symbols and points of reference of a new subversive project’ of which they would be ‘ideologists and supporters.’

After 20 years spent in Spanish cages (of which 14 in the FIES isolation regime) from where he escaped, Gabriel was arrested in Germany in 2004 after a police check and a shoot out. He spent 9 years in German jails. Extradited to Spain on 25th February 2013 with an European warrant of arrest issued by Spain ten years ago so that he completed his sentence, Gabriel was summoned two months later by the Audiencia Nacional, this time to be notified an European warrant of arrest issued by Italy against him in March following ‘Operation Ardire’!

Of course Gabriel refused to be voluntarily transferred to Italy. Since it never renounced the ‘principle of exception’, as stated by their ferocious laws, the Spanish anti-terrorism justice made appeal against extradition in Italy in January 2014, following the example of its German counterpart.

On 17th January, within the line of investigation of ‘Operation Ardire’ run in Perugia, inquisitor Comodi [the nun] requested not to prosecute the charges of ‘subversive association’; whereas within the line of investigation of the same operation that had been transferred to Milan, on 8th April a judge lifted all restrictive measures (reporting to the police station, mandatory residence, etc.) against the comrades. After a prosecuting circus that denied some comrades of a year of life, the same judge lifted the Italian-European warrant of arrest against Gabriel on 18th April.

Apart from all these terrorism-related vicissitudes set up by European states and their servants, Gabriel continues to be detained in FIES regime in the prison of A Lama (Galicia), where he was transferred in August 2013.

His mail (incoming and outgoing letters) is still subjected to the caprices of the jailers and his movements are also subjected to restrictions. Finally, with regard to the date Gabriel should be released, the justice and the prison administration continue to play their miserable games of slow torture and continually change their calculations of torturers. At the moment the date is set for… 2023.

All these measures are actually threats against those who rebel. It is special harassment against one of our comrades (‘more and more dangerous’, as they say, a comrade who spent 29 years behind bars that never changed him), but also ordinary punishment against those who don’t submit. This happens because they want emptied heads, shut mouths and closed eyes, inside as well as outside prison. Unless…

Down with all the States, prisons, police and courts; freedom for all!

Anarchists in solidarity
18th May 2014

If you want to write to Gabriel, even if he can’t reply, you’d better do it by registered mail so that letters don’t get lost or put on record (texts, pamphlets and books are not delivered by mail):

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
CP A-Lama (Pontevedra)
Monte Racelo s / ​​n 36830 A-Lama (Pontevedra)

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