Update about Gabriel Pombo da Silva (Spain)

gabrielFrom: 325

On Wednesday, August 6, 2014, comrade Gabriel Pombo Da Silva finally came out of the provisional isolation (which had been set in A Lama on June 17) to be transferred to the prison of Topas (Salamanca). He arrived there on Friday, August 8th and is now in a single cell.

However, we were notified again about the intervention on all communications (written, telephone and visits). The prison administration also has an arsenal of measures to punish and abuse and revenge on those, like Gabriel, Francisco, Monica and many others, who refuse to lower their head and submit. To quote, including repeated attempts to break relationships, difficult – and for some impossible- contact with the outside or withholding friends posts, as just happened, only three days after his arrival in Topas.
These small characteristic dirty games of power and authority were nothing amazing, they are part of the abominable prison routine and blackmail to “good behavior” carrot and stick.

It is precisely because we know it and because we are not willing to accept that we will remain vigilant to the situation of our comrades, and especially to continue fighting against the crushing machinery that wants to squash us.

On both sides of the wall, destroy what destroys us!
For freedom,

Some anarchists.
August 16, 2014

To write to Gabriel :

Gabriel Pombo Da Silva
Topas Prison – Salamanca.
Ctra. N-630, km. 314
37799 Topas (Salamanca)

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