Anarchist Black Cross Nijmegen (The Netherlands) is part of the international, anarchist network of political and especially anarchist prisoners support groups. The ABC is openly supporting prisoners that were found ”guilty” and used ”violence” in the struggle for a more social and equal world.

Authorities have drawn a line of acceptable behavior within the society and one of the discipline measures to keep people in this line are prison and penal system, which keep this people excluded, locked away. The reason why this concerns everyone one of us is because we can be affected by it any second. The line is not drawn by the majority that is obliged to follow it, but by the few that are not.

We do not support people that go beyond any ethics like for example rapists or pedophiles, but it is also a fact that these so-called correctional facilities are failing to „normalise“ these people. We don’t have a fixed answer to what should come after the abolition of prisons and prison-society, but that shouldn’t stand in our way to realize that they do more harm then good and that we should radically revision and subvert the paradigm of prisons and punishment.

If you have any questions or wish to contact us, please send an email to: abcnijmegen(at)riseup.net

Mail can go to:
ABC Nijmegen
Tweede Walstraat 21
6511 LN Nijmegen


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